Membership Categories

Primary Member
Primary membership is open to:

  • All in-house legal counsel in full time employment of the corporate entities in private sector as well as public sector in India including in-house legal counsel working in government or public institutions or engaged in Intellectual Property Right ( IPR ) activities;
  • All in-house legal counsel elsewhere in the world who possess, in the opinion of executive committee, a connection to India having their present employer's headquarters or other operations in India or having resident status in India; and
  • Such other legal counsel engaged in the provision of legal, contract management/administration or corporate secretarial services or other related activities as the committee may in its absolute discretion deem appropriate.
If a Primary Member gives up his employment as in-house counsel by way of resignation, superannuation or separation in any other manner, he shall forthwith intimate the Association and he shall be eligible to continue only as an Associate Member, subject to the applicable terms and conditions. This condition, however, shall not be applicable to Founder Members.
Primary Member joining Fee is Rs 5000/- and annual Fee is Rs.1500/- (after 2 years of joining)

Corporate Member
Corporate membership is open to a corporation or organization which employee one or more persons who qualify for Primary Membership. Each Corporate Member, which would take up membership of the Association, may nominate employees who qualify for Ordinary Membership as nominees of the Corporate Member. The maximum number of nominees per Corporate Member shall be fifteen members of its in-house legal department, with the flexibility to change such nomination at any time after notice in writing to the Association. The Executive Committee shall allow nomination of more than fifteen nominees on payment of such extra membership fees and/or terms as may be determined at its absolute discretion.
Corporate Member joining Fee is Rs 50000/- and annual Fee is Rs.25000/- (after 2 years of joining)

Associate Member :
Associate Membership is open to:

  • Members of academic staff such as Lecturers and tutors in Law Colleges
  • Practicing lawyers, Company Secretaries, former members of judiciary or who are seconded to corporations or other organizations as in-house legal counsel, who in the opinion of the Executive Committee, can contribute to the work of the Association and former in-house counsel.
Associate member joining Fee is Rs 15000/- and annual Fee is Rs.8000/- (after 2 years of joining)

Honorary Member
Honorary Membership is open to all in-house legal counsel, distinguished jurists and other eminent legal professionals who, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, have achieved a high standing in the legal community in India and/or elsewhere in the world and deserve to be recognized as such and associated with the activities of the Association.
Honorary Member joining Fee by invitation only.

Honorary Patrons
The Executive Committee may recognize a legal luminary, organization or association having substantial standard in the legal field to be an Honorary Patron subject to receiving a minimum contribution of an amount of Rs. 1,00,000/- to the funds of the Association by means of a grant or a donation. This will be done only by invitation.

  • Associate Members, Honorary Members and Honorary Patron Members shall not have any right to vote or hold office in the Association.
  • All the Members shall abide by the Rules & Regulations of the said Association and agree to the Aims and Objects of the Association.
  • A person wishing to join the Association shall submit his particulars in writing to the ExCom in the form as prescribed.
  • Membership will be allowed after consideration and approval of the ExCom. The Committee reserves the right to reject any application for membership without giving specific reason.

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