who we are

Role of In-house Counsels in Corporate sector in India has undergone a sea change in the last two decades. With the commencement of liberalization and globalization in early 1990s and with number of regulatory compliances increasing, role and scope of In-house Counsels in Corporate Sector has increased substantially. On the one hand they are valuable members of management teams, and on the other, they are also conscience keepers of their organizations, responsible for advising on compliance issues of regulations and statutes. This role has become increasingly sophisticated, although with liberalization, some restrictions have been removed while regulations have been made more stringent. The evolution of the regulatory framework has not yet stabilized in India. Against this backdrop, a group of In-house Counsels has decided to constitute a Special Forum to be known as the Indian Corporate Counsel Association(ICCA).

ICCA is formed with the following objectives:
  • To provide a common platform to its Members to exchange views, share experiences and knowledge.
  • Dissemination of information about important developments in the fields of legislation, regulations and judicial pronouncements relating to corporate sector.
  • To provide feedback to various governmental and regulatory authorities with a view to assist in the on-going process of reforms in legal, administrative and corporate governance matters.
  • Facilitate interaction between Law Officers of organizations both in public and private sectors to share concerns and discuss best practices.
  • To help placements, networking and exchange of experience amongst the members.
  • To create a database of members interested in acting as guest faculty or expert faculty in various law colleges / conferences / seminars organized by various chambers of commerce and other organizations.
In addition to the above main objects, ICCA will also undertake the following activities:-
  • A number of sub-committees will be created for the various specialized activities sector-wise to be carried out by the Society. These sub-committees will include different types of members including Judges, Lawyers, Media persons ( working in Legal Field) & Law Firms.
  • The association will also institute an award with cash prize in different categories. It also has an objective for promoting excellence in the field of law through different means and encouragement and conveying the message of civic society.
Forum Member's Profile

ICCA is a platform of all legal professionals from the various sectors and includes In-house Counsels / Corporate Law Officers and Law Officers of Private Sector and State / Central PSUs. The sectors represented in the forum include private and public sector organizations in industrial sectors like Steel, Energy, Minerals, Heavy Engineering & Manufacturing, Media & Broadcasting and also Banking & Financial Sectors, Real Estate & Infrastructure Development, International Financial Agencies, Service Providers, etc. Select Law Firms would also be invited to participate as Patron Members with no voting rights

Terms of Reference

The members of the Forum will meet at least once every quarter, ( if required more frequently ) to track the progress of the activities of the Forum. The Forum would focus on following:

  • To work closely with Central and State Governments on policy advocacy and policy reviews and provide feedback to the government.
  • To disseminate information of interest to members.
  • Deliberate on new issues, laws or bills which can become the laws in future.
  • Develop a mechanism to provide valuable feedback to assist the on-going process of reforms in the legal, administrative and governance matters.
  • To act as a common platform to share knowledge among its members through discussions and case studies in area of expertise of members.
  • Take up any two-three key concerns to be addressed by Forum for the year

Proposed Activities of the forum

  • Preparing white papers / reports and proposes recommendations to address the select key concerns in major problem areas in corporate sector.
  • Provide suitable interaction with relevant government authorities.
  • Organize a national level conference inviting most relevant government authorities / officials and industry players to learn and share experiences.
  • To organize the workshops / seminars, etc.
  • To publish an E-newsletter every month.