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Invitation to International Conference on

"Resurgent India Opportunities for the Indian Legal Sector and Professionals" on 21 March 2016, New Delhi
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Indian Corporate Counsel Association (ICCA)

Role of In-house Counsels in Corporate sector in India has undergone a sea change in the last two decades. With the commencement of liberalization and globalization in early 1990s and with number of regulatory compliances increasing, role and scope of In-house Counsels in Corporate Sector has increased substantially. On the one hand they are valuable members of management teams, and on the other, they are also conscience keepers of their organizations, responsible for advising on compliance issues of regulations and statutes. This role has become increasingly sophisticated, although with liberalization, some restrictions have been removed while regulations have been made more stringent. The evolution of the regulatory framework has not yet stabilized in India. Against this backdrop, a group of In-house Counsels has decided to constitute a Special Forum to be known as the Indian Corporate Counsel Association(ICCA).

Membership Benefit

ICCA is a platform of all legal professionals from the various sectors and includes In-house Counsels / Corporate Law Officers and Law Officers of Private Sector and State / Central PSUs. The sectors represented in the forum include private and public sector organizations in industrial sectors like Steel, Energy, Minerals, Heavy Engineering & Manufacturing, Media & Broadcasting and also Banking & Financial Sectors, Real Estate & Infrastructure Development, International Financial Agencies, Service Providers, etc. Select Law Firms would also be invited to participate as Patron Members with no voting rights.

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Membership Categories

Primary membership is open to:
  • All in-house legal counsel in full time employment of the corporate entities in private sector as well as public sector in India including in-house legal counsel working in government or public institutions or engaged in Intellectual Property Right ( IPR ) activities;
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Corporate membership is open to a corporation or organization which employee one or more persons who qualify for Primary Membership. Each Corporate Member, which would take up membership of the Association, may nominate employees who qualify for Ordinary Membership as nominees of the Corporate Member. Read More
Associate Membership is open to:
  • Members of academic staff such as Lecturers and tutors in Law Colleges
  • Practicing lawyers, Company Secretaries, former members of judiciary or who are seconded to corporations or other organizations as in-house legal counsel, who in the opinion of the Executive Committee, can contribute to the work of the Association and former in-house counsel.
Honorary Membership is open to all in-house legal counsel, distinguished jurists and other eminent legal professionals who, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, have achieved a high standing in the legal community in India and/or elsewhere in the world and deserve to be recognized as such and associated with the activities of the Association. Read More
The Executive Committee may recognize a legal luminary, organization or association having substantial standard in the legal field to be an Honorary Patron subject to receiving a minimum contribution of an amount of Rs. 1,00,000/- to the funds of the Association by means of a grant or a donation. This will be done only by invitation. Read More